Skin Purging - Pur ... what ???

You have bought a new care or cleaning product and suddenly it seems as if the skin is fighting against it by all means. Pimples and redness are always inconvenient, but right now? You just wanted to do something good for your skin. What is known as skin purging in technical terms, we want to explain to you in more detail so that you can make the right decision when it comes to choosing a product.

Pure ... what ???
Skin purging is not a very common term in this country, although most of us have probably been confronted with it ourselves. We then talked more about skin inflammation or acne. Purging, however, means something like cleaning. Strictly speaking, it is a process in which the cell renewal of the skin is accelerated. This creates blackheads, which are noticeable as white dots on the skin. Light and dark skin types are equally affected, although the blackheads appear slightly different on darker skin and appear more reddish.

Purging get to the bottom
Purging usually starts with the purchase of a new product that promises to be effective, for example in the treatment of acne. Often these are products that contain retinoids or hydroxy acids, which accelerate cell renewal. Even with ours HYPER G [L] O serum or [W] ASH AWAY cleanser In rare cases it can happen that the skin reacts with irritation at the beginning.

Great, you look forward to an improved complexion and when you look in the mirror after a few applications you have to realize with horror that you have more pimples than before. Chemical peelings or laser treatments can also lead to purging, although they are intended to refine the complexion. There is, however, a logical explanation for this.

Stress on the skin
The reason for purging is that certain products or treatments put the skin more or less in a state of stress because new cells are suddenly to be produced and old cells to be broken down. This often happens when the protective barrier of the skin is impaired before the start of use, for example with dry, cracked skin or acne. Skin blemishes lying underneath, which might not show up for 1-2 weeks, are transported directly to the surface during purging.

Persevere and calm down
There is nothing to worry about, however. The fact is that the skin gets used to the active ingredients after a while. Normally, you only have to hold out for just under two weeks until the signs of purging subside. During this time, your skin can adapt its protective shield and then it is possible for the ingredients of the new product to develop their effect. You should therefore not always curse creams, washing gels and Co. immediately if they cause a deterioration in the complexion of the skin. Support your skin in building up the natural protective shield with soothing care and plenty of moisture, for example with [CUP] U RAW Pamper your organism with a healthy diet, drink enough water or unsweetened tea and spend a lot of time in the fresh air - and voilá, purging will soon be a thing of the past and your skin will shine again.


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