5 tips for your curls to avoid hair breakage and to gain "visible" hair length

Our hair grows on average 12 to 15 cm a year. However, due to the wrong hair care, the growth is not visible for many, as the ends are constantly breaking. We have therefore summarized the TOP 5 tips in hair care that lead to visible hair growth:


# 1: wash your hair in sections
Curly and kinky hair tends to shrink and knot. Therefore, it is ideal to wash longer hair in sections to avoid hair breakage. The sections can be done in braids, twists or with hair clips.


# 2: Stretched Hairstyles
Stretched hairstyles are hairstyles that stretch or stretch your hair.

These include cornrows, twists / twist outs, braids / braid outs, Bantu knots / Bantu knot outs, the thread method and many more. They all turn out to be a great hairstyle if you want to wear your hair naturally. Why?
If curly hair is straightened (this does not mean straightening with hot tools), then they do not get entangled as quickly and thus do not form knots, which could lead to split ends and hair breakage.


# 3: avoid "rough hair tools"
Rough hair tools refer to straighteners, hot combs, brushes (Tangle Teezer and The Curl Glider excluded) or combs with small tooth spacings.

These tools tend to destroy the hair texture and tear out your beautiful curls. Instead, it is advisable to use your hands to untangle knots or to use combs with large tooth spacings for your hair. When combing and "finger detangling", the hair should always be slightly moistened so that it gains elasticity and is therefore less porous.

# 4: Manipulate your hair as little as possible.
The more you manipulate your hair, the higher the risk of getting knots and hair breakage. So don't change your hairstyle every day and keep your protective styles longer. For example, you could wear your twists for 5 days during the week and a twist out at the weekend.

However, you should only keep protective styles for a maximum of 4 weeks, as your hair usually needs more intensive care after this time.

# 5: moisture! Moisture! Moisture!
Failure to moisturize your hair and then not lock it in can lead to dry hair and hair breakage, which in the long run makes you feel like your hair is not growing. They are constantly growing! For this reason, we recommend the LOC method to make sure your hair is always well hydrated.

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