Hair care ≠ hair care - Each hair type has its specific care


We know that not everyone is blonde or brunette and has straight to wavy hair. Hair is diverse. However, this information has not yet reached the drugstores in most cases. The one-for-all principle still applies there. So there is a product from many different manufacturers, but always in the same design. Above all, this does not do justice to the curly and frizzy manes of dark-skinned people who need very special care. Hair care is not just hair care and it is time that the diversity of society was also reflected in the availability of hair care products.

Three hair types - three needs
In terms of hair structure, a distinction is made between Asian, African and Caucasian hair types. All three differ in shape, thickness, growth, density and structure. If the Asian hair type is almost exclusively straight, the African one is either frizzy, wavy or curly. With the Caucasian type, smooth and wavy or curly forms are possible. In addition, the African hair type goes hand in hand with a different skin texture. Not only the head of hair itself, but also the scalp requires individual care.

Dark-skinned people tend to have dry skin more than light-skinned people. In addition, the sebum that forms on the scalp, which is supposed to lock in moisture in the hair, cannot be distributed well in frizzy or curly hair. Especially dark-skinned people with long hair then have a central problem: dry hair. There are general recommendations in this regard to minimize this problem:

  • Don't wash your hair too often: Ideally, your hair should be washed once a week at most. Washing more frequently would minimize the distribution of sebum and additionally dry out both hair and scalp.
  • Use conditioner/hair mask: Apply conditioner or hair mask after every hair wash. Massage the product in well and distribute through the hair with a curling comb.
  • Avoid friction: Excessive friction, especially when you are asleep, can damage dry, frizzy hair. Wrapped in a soft cloth, the hair suffers less from the friction on the head pad.

The right detergent
Classic products from the drugstore are usually only useful for Caucasian hair types. A few care products especially for African hair types are available online or in selected specialist shops, e.g. B. Afro curl at Douglas. At Unrefined Riches, however, we believe that people of all hair types should have a sufficient selection of care products. We have therefore developed our own hair care line. An intensive test phase took place in November and December last year to put the products through their paces. Now it's time to make small changes in order to be able to offer all dark-skinned ladies and gentlemen with dry scalps and frizzy or curly hair a comprehensive range of care products.

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