Homemade vs. professional product - How good are DIY masks?

Is it worth the effort?
We all know it: The skin is pale, dried out and marked by stressful everyday life. A special goodie is needed to do something good for the skin. What can help? A relaxing bath, a face mask and lots of sleep. The DIY trend is becoming increasingly popular here. Thousands of recipes are circulating on social media for easily making what appear to be extremely effective face and body masks. Yes, some of these masks have a cooling effect, making pores appear smaller. In fact, these masks do not really help against impurities or dryness. Unfortunately, they are not a miracle cure if the skin is not radiant. No matter which ingredients you prefer for your DIY mask, there is one central problem: the active ingredients are only contained in very small quantities.  

How does the active ingredient get into the mask?
In order for a mask to do exactly what it is supposed to do - moisturize the skin, remove impurities, give a radiant complexion, etc. - it needs a high concentration of active ingredients, and we don't put a lot of effort into getting that into a homemade mask. This is also shown in more detailed investigations: Compared to high-quality professional products, significantly lower percentages of active ingredients can be detected in DIY masks. The reason is that we lack the ability to extract active ingredients in our own kitchen. However, only in extracted form can a relatively small amount have a major effect.

wellness or effect
Homemade masks are by no means a bad idea. The wellness effect should not be underestimated. So if your main concern is relaxation, then a DIY mask will also achieve the desired effect. However, if you are concerned with the targeted effect of the mask on your skin and not your mind, then you should use professional products. We recommend that you do not save money, but pay attention to the high quality of the ingredients. The mask for 1,50 euros from the drugstore falls more into the wellness category. High-quality and highly concentrated ingredients that are tailored to the needs of your skin are suitable for more effect. And then it's just "apply and relax" - for wellness and effect at the same time.

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