BLACK SOAP - African black soap - Unrefined Riches
BLACK SOAP - afrikanische schwarze Seife - Unrefined Riches
BLACK SOAP - afrikanische schwarze Seife - Unrefined Riches
BLACK SOAP - afrikanische schwarze Seife - Unrefined Riches
BLACK SOAP - afrikanische schwarze Seife - Unrefined Riches
BLACK SOAP - Unrefined Riches
BLACK SOAP - afrikanische schwarze Seife - Unrefined Riches
BLACK SOAP - afrikanische schwarze Seife - Unrefined Riches
BLACK SOAP - afrikanische schwarze Seife - Unrefined Riches
BLACK SOAP - afrikanische schwarze Seife - Unrefined Riches
BLACK SOAP - afrikanische schwarze Seife - Unrefined Riches
BLACK SOAP - Unrefined Riches
Unrefined riches

BLACK SOAP - African black soap

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Our African BLACK SOAP, also known as African black soap, consists of sea salt and plant ash that cleanse your skin down to the pores, remove make-up and excess sebum and reduce blemishes. Rich shea butter and glycerine nourish your skin and then supply it with moisture.

Our BLACK SOAP is suitable for all skin colors and skin types except sensitive skin
The [W] ASH AWAY cleanser , the liquid and enriched version of the African black soap, recommended.

Moisten your face with lukewarm water and then massage the BLACK SOAP into your skin for one minute. Finally, wash your face off with lukewarm water. A rich cream (eg our [CUP] U RAW or SHE [A] RAW) is then recommended.

The BLACK SOAP can also be used as a body and hair soap.

Potassium Shea Butterate (shea butter), glycerine, Maris Sal (sea salt), Carbo medicinalis vegetabilis (plant ash)

The ingredients we contain are the result of several researches, studies and test phases with our customers who test our products for their effectiveness during development and several optimizations before the final launch.

Even if the ingredients have proven to be well selected in the test phases as well as after the launch, we still strive to continuously improve our products and our company.

Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions for improving our formulations or if there are any questions about certain ingredients.


Maya Z
I've had the soap for about 1 week and I'm already seeing the first results. It dries out my skin a bit and sometimes it burns on something on the skin when washing, but with a moisturizer that's not a problem. My pimples are almost completely gone and my skin looks very healthy.
Lisa P
The best soap there is now I've used my skin for the 2nd time feels so pure and good my pimples are as good as gone
Letizia B
An incredibly good soap that really cleans the face deeply. I use them every evening and occasionally in the morning and I notice a very big difference to old products in combination with the other products. Pimple scars and pigment spots disappear quickly and the skin simply looks clean, even and well-groomed. All products are top. Simply awesome. I can recommend anyone with a clear conscience. Buy it!
Barikisu A
Good! I'm satisfied with that
Christian David K
The Black Soap is the only and true soap that can be used for my sensitive face. Explicitly when using the Shea Raw and the UR facial brush, the result is clearly visible after regular use. I'm already looking forward to the new products! Lg Kazadi
Marian A
I am very satisfied with the product that I have ordered. It really helped me a lot against pimples and files. I will order it again because I liked it very much. LG Marian Ahmed
magdalena a.
very good product!
Hayat A
I have one bought And that helped me Thank you ☺️
Karina K
Already seen an improvement after a few uses
Jessica S.
Top as always. Don't use anything else. !
Celina M
My skin has improved soooo !!!
Yemisrach D
I love the black soap. Help me finally get my oily and blemished skin under control. I really tried a few products and I'm glad to have found this brand. Can more than recommend it
Elena S
Very economical and can only be recommended in combination with she (a) raw;)
Najma A
Ines E
I love this soap. The skin becomes clearer and pimple marks gradually disappear. It doesn't go away overnight, but something happens. I've finally found something that I'm 100% satisfied with. I've struggled with acne for 8 years and I'm finally satisfied.
Brithney L
Avant j'ai acheté ça pour ma peau mais le savon était trop fort (ma peau était devenue noir et brulé) .. après j'ai décidé de utiliser ça pour mes cheveux le résultat est magnifique mes cheveux sont devenu plus douce et plein de volume ..
Dorcas M.
I have the Black Soap hasn't been in operation for long, but so far I've been thrilled. It is creamy, my hands (the first "complaint point" of my neurodemitis "get along very well with it and it does not trigger any allergies in me. It is just soooo creamy that I fear it will wear out quickly. But it is difficult to call that a "mistake." Definitely not my last black soap from here!
Okebor M.
I love my face now
Anna K.
I only tried it today, my skin feels so good, fresh and cleansed. Love it now!
Ewald S.
I'm completely satisfied.
Elo-Matondo N
I just love having had problems with my skin for years and am very happy that I have found this product
Daughter-in-law C.
As always, I am very enthusiastic about the black soap. Thank you very much!
Carla S
Must have!
Nahieki A
Great product. Part of my daily use ❤️
Rita D
The soap is just great. I have had fewer stains since then.
Vivian R
The soap is just absolute madness. You can tell how it works on the skin and gets everything out of the pores. I love the feeling afterwards, the skin is so clean that you can feel it! Even against my extreme !! It helped me oily skin in a very short time (2 weeks of use, after three days there was a clear improvement). My skin is no longer greasy uncontrollably, and my large-pored skin is getting finer and finer!
Rachel N
I like the soap but still have the pimples
Betty S
So this is now the fourth or third soap that I order and I am more than satisfied. There is nothing better for my skin and body.
Andrew K
Everything is great
Sandra O
Just great!
Kathleen A
Is good burning in the eyes
Lisa P
great good skin feeling and wonderful fragrance. Thanks!
Adriane G
Really good. You only need a little product and it's enough for everything.
Sarah K
Have been ordering the soap every month for six months. I love her
Sekou K
I bought the soaps for a friend. And she is really satisfied. And now feels very good with her skin. A very good product.
Olivier L
I'm surprised
Almaz M
My skin feels great. Every now and then my skin is a little dry after washing - but I can tolerate the black soap (despite neurodermatitis) better than the shea soap. I have now tested almost all of the products and I am just thrilled. My skin was already "smooth and fresh" before, but my skin has never been so well cared for!
Yemli K
After there were problems with the delivery, they took care of it immediately. I even received 2 instead of 1 product as compensation. I am infinitely grateful for that. The customer service is always available and acts immediately if there are problems. Accordingly, the products are very good. You will immediately see a change after repeated use. The products are definitely worth every penny. ☺️
Jay B
It's good and I like it very much
Manna O
I really like it
Stergios B
Black Soap and Shea Raw ordered. My wife and I are convinced of the products!
Agata P
My skin loves it!
Jasmine M.
The soap is really good and has helped me a lot.
Tracy D
My pimples are much less and my skin is feeling super soft to the touch.
Nicole H
My skin had a bad reaction toned soap. Good product but not for my skin:
Firdauss A.
So let's get to this blatant soap I love it so much !! My family has already told me how much better my skin has got! Especially my mum !!! And if my mother says your skin has really gotten better, then that means something too !! I was so surprised at the beginning that it was the soap that comes from my home and the happier I was that it was something natural.So I already knew from the beginning that the soap would be really good !! and this has also been confirmed! Thank you very much for the great product ♥ ️ ♥ ️ I'm now a regular customer anyway!
Susan H
My skin is not that easy. I used to deal with acne for a long time, today it is now dry, but still reacts with impurities. So far, I have tolerated the products very well. The skin looks much fresher, feels softer. Also on the décolleté and neck
Kira S
The best soap for my face !! Removes all makeup and my skin has never been as smooth as it was after. Simply top
Emine Y
I really like the black soap. The glow is very nice after use and my skin doesn't dry out. I have very strong and irritated pimples which are soothed because of the soap. So far they have not disappeared but it will definitely get better.
Sekou K
Simply great
Marc Arnold O.
Simply a great product, I have nothing to complain about, a real purchase recommendation!
Nadine E
My dark spots have become a lot less and work, which you also promise in the advertising. It's awesome. I'm just waiting for the face cream to be ordered.
Eliza P
After a few days, I've already seen extreme changes. My skin is much smoother, more even and my tingling marks have become noticeably lighter.
Vera B
The best product I have ever tried !!! Thank you ☺️
Lauryn A
Improved my complexion super quickly.
Kamalandua M.
I've only been using the black soap for a week. My skin tightens after use, but I have the feeling that my dark spots are slowly disappearing :). I also order the Shea raw.
Ayan O
Elo-Matondo N
I think it's great !! since i have been using this soap my skin has gotten much, much better. I'm so happy that I found the
Tashen Jasmine N.
The soap is great !! My spots have already diminished within a very short time! :) I'm very satisfied
sevil c
My skin is getting better and better! The dries out my skin, so I use an aloe vera gel afterwards and sunscreen to go out I am really soap and will take other products with me in the future
Clarissa M
My spots are gone and my skin is now monotonous
Jamie S
So I love your products Everything I have tested so far is TOP !! Favorites are of course Black Soap & Shea raw * big big big love * Without exaggerating I can say my skin has never been so well cared for, for years I had extreme problems with blemished skin, too oily, too dry, acne and pimples but since I've been using your products it has got better from week to week I am so excited. Incidentally, the Shea Raw is also great for the neurodermatitis-prone skin of my 3-year-old daughter, which is now really soft and no longer so flaky. And the last point and I don't know if you've already discussed this but ... I know that many women have problems with blemished skin on their sacred rump I also struggled with it for a long time and even now I keep getting annoying pimples. So I just used the Black Soap exactly as on the face, carefully massaged in (with a peeling glove), then applied Shea raw, massaged in and let it take effect. I do that every 3 days and since then I've been quiet I can only say thank you again, I've waited so long for the right products and will probably never use anything else again.
Bridget Ndangoh L.
I like the soap it is good but don't let it stay on the face for too long I also find it helpful against acne.
Rita D
Great product. Finally something that really helps against impurities. Got dark spots on my face from pregnancy. Since I've been using the Black Soap, the spots have become lighter and my skin is softer. Ich liebe dich ..
Be K
It actually seems to make my skin cleaner! Pimples on the neck and chin go away more and more. I just don't leave the soap on the skin for too long, otherwise it will dry it out a lot. Can only recommend the soap.
Nuela T
I used it for 2 weeks. I didn't have that much "break out" anymore, but my skin got so dry. I had to stop then. Unfortunately ...
Afaago O
I'm still in the test phase and can't say much
Carolina P
Very fast delivery and super loving packaging.
Jesse B
My skin is so much smoother and fresher that is really amazing !!!!
John H
I am very happy that I found it suitable for my skin. I've tried a number of products, this product is just different. After the first application I was positively surprised. If you want to do something good for your skin, I can only recommend it.
Christine S.
Use it every evening, skin tense afterwards, but really have that Feeling that it is good for my skin! Definitely will try the one with shea butter. I also think it's very good because it comes without plastic! :)
Sofia L
Joan M.
The delivery arrived the next day ❤. Black soap in the usual quality. I'm a believer.
Moricette Vanelle S.
After 5 days of use, I could already see the effects of the black soap. Highly recommended
Elena R
Before that, I didn't have so many impurities but they bothered me a lot and after the application my skin shines and the impurities are already there almost gone. I can only recommend
Celina M
I had two black soaps, although I ordered the shea soap and a black soap, but I still love the black soap very much!
Mpho Veronica M
Mega, the soap is just great and I have significantly fewer pimples now. I'm very satisfied.
Dorcas M
Unfortunately I don't see any difference. My dark spots, etc. But it's great to dress up, makes your face angry.
Sandra M.
Since I react badly to most facial cleansing products, I am very happy that this product worked so well. I would buy it again and again!!!
Karen S
I am more than satisfied! I have been using the black soap and cream for almost 7 weeks and there has been a lot of improvement! I suffer from very sensitive skin due to my neurodermatitis .. every now and then more impurities appear .. with the products there has finally been an improvement but would like to say that they are not miracle cures and you really have to be patient with the first ones To see changes .. But I have to say, it was really worth it for me. Especially with my difficult skin, it is difficult to find products that treat problem areas gently.
Duygu T
Very good My skin feels so good
Alexandrine B
A brilliant soap! Cleans the skin pore deep. The soap is very economical. A very clear purchase recommendation!
Oluwakemi O
i love it thanks
Tselmeg M
The soap does not have a strong odor, which I personally find very good, but I do not find it suitable for neurodermatitis skin. It dries out very strongly, burns from the sea salt on the respective dry and sore spots on the skin
Vanessa H.
Super great product bought on the recommendation of Elisabeth Berliner. I will recommend it to everyone and buy it myself again and again
Charlotte M.
The black soap is great! I first had to figure out how to best use them, but now that I've found my rhythm, my skin is so much better. I combine it with a cold-pressed jojoba oil!
Bisona L
Wow I am speechless about this amazing product it so wonderful and I recommend people with face, and hair problems to use this beautiful product. Thanks so much unrefined.
Elo-Matondo N
Really really good I am very enthusiastic about the soap would order it again
Frieda K.
The soap is just unbelievably good! Will definitely order again, thank you very much
Goodluck F
The soap is ok
Kezia B
As always, perfect
Melanie B
For face and body by far the best soap I've had so far.
Petra H.
I love the soap so much !!! It really helps with dark spots on the face. Use it for 2 weeks and see such good changes. I am very enthusiastic, I can only recommend
Rebecca A
I love it
laila t
Very great!!
Lena W
Use the soap for the face and my friend as a shampoo. Great for both!
Jennifer V
Best Black Soap Hammer