GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUO - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUOs - Unrefined Riches
GLOW DUO - Unrefined Riches
Facial care SET


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Our BLACK SOAP consists of sea salt and plant ash that clean your skin down to the pores, remove make-up and excess sebum and reduce blemishes. Rich shea butter and glycerin nourish your skin and then supply it with moisture.

[W] ASH AWAY Purifying Gel Cleanser:
The African BLACK SOAP, a centuries-old traditional recipe from West Africa, enriched with Almond and salicylic acid, as well as green tea extract, actively combats impurities and ensures a refined complexion.
The nourishing effect of squalane, bisabolol and broccoli seed oil combined with anti-inflammatory plant ash from African black soap and antibacterial tamanu and rose hip seed oil makes [W] ASH AWAY, also for stressed skin, the perfect washing gel for daily, thorough cleansing - without drying out the skin.

pH value: 4.35 (3.8-4.8)
content: 100 ml + 50ml included for free

The nutrient-rich Cupuacu butter from the Amazon, enriched with Ceramides, bisabolol and ferulic acid, protects and strengthens the skin barrier e, improves the moisture retention of the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Together with the nourishing effect of pure vitamin E, apricot kernel and avocado oil, [CUP] U RAW ensures smooth, pure and regenerated skin.

Scent: delicate notes of mango, vanilla and chocolate.

[CUP] U RAW is suitable for all skin types and skin colors.

Our effective SHE [A] RAW contains the precious shea butter from Ghana. Paired with powerful oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil, black cumin oil and vitamin E, the skin barrier is strengthened and the natural regeneration process is stimulated, which creates a healthier and more even complexion. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the oils, skin blemishes can be reduced.

The GLOW DUO with BLACK SOAP is suitable for all skin types and tones, except for sensitive or dry skin. Here we recommend the GLOW DUO with the [W] ASH AWAY Purifying Gel Cleanser or the SHEA DUO .

[CUP] U RAW Ingredients:
Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuacu) Seed Butter, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil *, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil *, Glycerin, Lysolecithin, Tocopherol, Ferulic Acid, Parfum ¹, Bisabolol, Hydrolyzed Corn Starch Ceramide NP, Benzyl Salicylate ¹, Geraniol ¹, Limonene ¹, Linalool ¹.

* ingredients from certified organic agriculture
¹from natural essential oils

SHE [A] RAW Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (Shea Butter) *, Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut Oil) *, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Argan Oil) *, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba Oil) *, Polyglyceryl-3 Caprate, Parfum¹, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) , Nigella Sativa Seed Oil (Black Seed Oil) *, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract (Vanilla Extract), Glycine Soja Oil (Soybean Oil), Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower Oil), Benzyl Salicylate¹, Geraniol ¹, Limonene ¹, Linalool ¹ * ingredients from certified organic agriculture | ¹ from natural essential oils

BLACK SOAP Ingredients: Potassium Shea Butterate (Shea Butter), Glycerin, Maris Sal (Sea Salt), Carbo medicinalis vegetabilis (Plant Ash)

[W] ASH AWAY Purifying Gel Cleanser Ingredients:
Aqua, Lauryl Glucoside, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Caramel, Dehydroxanthan Gum, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Shea Butterate, Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate, Mandelic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf and Juice Powder, Maris Sal, Hydroxyacetophenone, Salicylicophenone Acid, Tocopherol, Beta-Glucan, Pectin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Bisabolol, Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Seed Oil, Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Squalane, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract , Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Titanium Dioxide, Synthetic Flourphlogopite, CI 77491, CI 77268

The ingredients we contain are the result of several researches, studies and test phases with our customers who test our products for their effect during development and several optimizations before the final launch

Even if the ingredients have proven to be well selected in the test phases as well as after the launch, we still strive to improve our products and our company.

Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions for improving our formulations or if there are any questions about certain ingredients.



vanessa m.
Thank you very much and keep it up!
Alimatou K.
I am very satisfied with both products. the same my husband noticed the improvement in my skin after 1 week. Thank you very much for developing these great products.
Dr Amma B.
Great product. Soap is simply great, feels the effect. When I saw the cream, I thought so little, for so much money, but when I got the job I noticed that you need very little and that this can be distributed very easily and very well. Very good business idea Adelaide
Charlotte S
The cream smells incredibly good and the soap is also pleasant on my skin. I even use it to wash hair for me and my children :)
Gloria M
I love my GLOW DUO! After washing with the Black Soap, my skin feels wonderfully clean. But the She (a) Raw is awesome !!! I feel like a queen every time I massage her into my skin. The consistency is incredibly soft and so rich. a dream
Yvonne S
I think the products are great, I don't use them for that long, but I'm still happy that I have found unrefined riches. What would be cool would be body care (something like cocoa butter)
silke m.
My skin has totally improved; much less acne and the pores are also slightly smaller; the shea butter is absolutely great and donates a lot of moisture
Shamemi-Aimee I
These products are just fascinating. I've never been so satisfied! It was the first time I ordered the Shearaw Cream for glowing and I never leave the house without it. The skin just shines beautifully
Kadijah K
I am just in love with these products, my skin can handle it very well. Especially the Shea butter, my dad always remember me to buy for him.
Luna P
Thank you for the great products! My complexion is better, my skin feels nice and soft and smooth. I already recommended it to my friends! You have won me as a customer, I have the feeling that my skin doesn't need anything else. Happy New Year and greetings from Munich! Luana
Miriam W
Great duo that you have to have! ♥️
I tend to have very dry skin with hormonally influenced impurities and the duo helped a lot. After about 6 weeks I could see improvements! The customer service was also great. I will definitely shop here again.
Jessica B
I have now reordered the duo for the second time and I am still really enthusiastic about the products. I especially like the She [a] Raw. It feels really good on my face and gives a lot of moisture that lasts for a long time. The smell of the cream is also really pleasant and, as written in the product description, a pea size is enough for massaging into the damp face. It works quickly and is just great!
Michaela U
I've been using the duo for a few months now. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a flash in the pan. I've had acne for decades and unfortunately it's back because of the mask requirement. The duo really helps with me. I am really excited. When it was so hot in summer, I was a bit skeptical, but it also worked. I highly recommend it.
Adzo Amenuveve K
Bon savon et crème Merci à cette gamme j'ai retrouvé mon visage d'avant même si je ne l'utilise pas tout les jours
Zuleiya B
My pimple scars have turned paler after each application Wooow
Stefanie K
Unfortunately, my skin couldn't take the Black Soap so well, but the face cream is great and highly recommended! It donates so much moisture to my dry skin
Luisa F
Great cream, very good soap. It changed the complexion of the skin.
Cinzia I
I've been using GLOW DUO for 11 days. My skin has changed, it's shiny and never dry. My pimples are diminished too. I am sure my skin will get better and better over the next few weeks. Thanks!
Verse A.
I started with the Glow Duo and the Shea Soap from March 28th and now after 8 months I can only say that the Products have helped me soooo. My dark spots have gotten a lot better and I hardly get any pimples. I am really so excited about UR, UR is the best thing that could happen to me and my skin. The black soap is the best black soap I've ever used. A tip from me to you, give your skin the time, in the beginning the soap dried out my skin but after 3 weeks my skin looked much better and I was before that I did not stop it immediately. The duo lasted a long time with me. In September I ordered the duo again. I've still had the Shea Soap since March.
Sara A.
I am soooo happy that I have decided on these new natural products. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and I notice a big change. My skin imperfections have become much less and my face produces less fat, especially on my T-zones.
Annette K
I had problems with hyperpigmentation for years and was able to fix them with the help of Unrefined Riches. The Shea Duo is a must have!
Johanna M
My skin is much better!
Ranya A
I am very satisfied with the products. I will definitely continue to order from you!
Devour P.
The products worked great for me. My dark spots got lighter and my skin got purer. Since then I feel much more comfortable in my skin.
Sandra N
For the first time I have really clean, pure skin after washing that does not stretch or pull, and then in combination with the shea butter cream that is simply become a must have for me: heart: ️: +1:
Sera M.
Great! Highly recommended products! My skin is as soft as butter <3
Maria B.
Super nicely packaged, perfect to give away and also to use yourself. I'm already looking forward to the product.
Daughter-in-law C.
Glow Duo As always very satisfied. I now buy the Glow Duo regularly.
Silke M.
brilliant !!! My skin is so much better than it used to be. Have tried so much from drugstores, pharmacies and dermatologists. Since using the soap, my skin has gotten so much better! Simply great :)
Jonathan A.
I like the products very much the cream is very moisturizing
Sebida S.
Finally a product that really works !! : heart_eyes: I came across unrefined riches by chance on Instagram and just thought to myself, I'll just try the product because I'm currently struggling with my impurities on my face.After only 2 and a half weeks, I can already see a huge difference! My pimple marks are fading and my blemishes are getting less and less !! I am so happy to have found these products and I am looking forward to further positive results on my skin: blush: I am very satisfied: clap :: skin-tone-4:
Andrea H.
Perfect winter set Perfect for me for this time of year. Otherwise the Shea - raw would be way too rich for my face (it would be good for body care). I use it every morning and as a make-up base it also works better for me than any other product has ever done before. The soap is perfect for my slightly dry and blemish-prone skin. I built them into my evening routine and the feeling afterwards is just great and lasts until morning.
Luisa F
A very great duo. Buy a very great duo. This is the third time I am buying for my daughters. Blemishes and scars are gone. We stay with this duo. You did a great job there.
Sabrina K
Super cream Pleasant scent of the shea butter, very smooth texture that can be applied and distributed effortlessly, in addition, the cream gives a velvety glow after application! - loving it
Keren M.
I still love it! Great product, would never change again. Thanks for the great work: hearts: ️
Therese G
Wonderful The products are great
Portia A
Super Glow Duo Thank you very much for the goods. Everything worked out great, I am very happy and I will recommend you and buy again and again myself. This is not the first time I have ordered: u1F970:
Leah E
Great combination Both products complement each other very well and after the soap my skin needs exactly this rich care. The She (a) Raw smells very, very pleasant and is extremely economical. It cares for a long time and my skin feels much softer.