SHE [A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
SHE[A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
SHE[A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
SHE[A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
SHE[A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
SHE[A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
SHE[A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
SHE[A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
SHE[A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
SHE[A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
SHE[A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
SHE[A] RAW - Unrefined Riches
Unrefined riches


Sale price 25,99€
51,98€/100 ml

Our effective SHE [A] RAW contains the precious shea butter from Ghana. Paired with powerful oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil, black cumin oil and vitamin E, the skin barrier is strengthened and the natural regeneration process is stimulated, which creates a healthier and more even complexion. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the oils, skin blemishes can be reduced.

SHE [A] RAW is suitable for all skin types and tones.

After cleansing the face, massage the size of a pea into the moist skin of the face. If you are using a serum or toner, let the care products soak in half and then use the shea cream.

SHE [A] RAW can also be used as body and hair care.

Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (Shea Butter) *, Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut Oil) *, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Argan Oil) *, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba Oil) *, Polyglyceryl-3 Caprate, Parfum ¹, Tocopherol (Vitamin E. ), Nigella Sativa Seed Oil (black cumin oil) *, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract (vanilla extract), Glycine Soja Oil (soy oil), Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (sunflower oil), Benzyl Salicylate¹, Geraniol ¹, Limonene ¹, Linalool ¹ * ingredients from certified organic agriculture (ingredients from organic farming) | ¹ from natural essential oils

Our ingredients are the result of several researches, studies and test phases with our customers, who test our products for their effect during development and several optimizations before the final launch.

Even if the ingredients have proven to be well selected in the test phases as well as after the launch, we still strive to continuously improve our products and our company.

Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions for improving our formulations or if there are any questions about certain ingredients.


Emilia K
I love this cream. My skin feels so good and supple.
Suzette C
Great product
Maurice A
This product is definitely good
Bianca Colette D
SHE [A] RAW for the whole family. We all use them and love them
Birgit S
Pleasant smell, good consistency, is quickly absorbed and leaves a good complexion. It does what it promises
Edith W
Super consistency and very pleasant on the skin
Martin Kwaku W
Just wonderfully I fall in love with the cream every day again
Katya L
I read a report in a newspaper and decided to try Shea Raw, it sounded too good to be true. I'm using it for 2 weeks now and can already see a difference in my skin. It's very smooth and clear and it feels really good. Will certainly use it again !!
Shahd M
A perfect product. Thank you❤️
Elena S
Super economical and a very pleasant scent!
katja v.
Excellent products! And very good customer service. A complaint on my part was processed immediately and in a very uncomplicated manner and the error was rectified.
Emma R.
Christa R
I only really need one for the face tiny amount, the skin is relaxed afterwards, feels wonderfully cared for and calmed down. I haven't tried it for the hair, I'll try that again. For me one of THE discoveries on the cosmetics market, thanks to the FAZ for reporting on it.
Dirk W
Great for my skin
Loan L
I love all of your products ♥ ️ Had to reorder the shea cream because my husband and daughter popped it on me I can't say what I think is better. But I own the two soaps, the shea cream and the serum. Nothing works without it
Jennifer K.
All my dry spots are gone, my skin is as soft as it has been for a long time. My make-up lies beautifully on my skin, no more flakes of skin, nothing, it just looks so beautiful. I also ordered this product again.
Sara M.
I love it, am soooi satisfied with it, always reflected
Beatrice D
I'm soooo enthusiastic. For years I have been looking for something that my skin can tolerate. Especially in every season. I apply it all over my face. Especially around the eyes and on the lips. Just awesome.
sophie alexandra e.
I have had severe neurodermatitis and dry facial skin since this year. I am very careful with creams, especially on the face. That's why I only had the sample, and I thought about getting it for a long time because I never want to spend a lot. Now I don't regret it at all and would get her again and again. I tolerate the Shea Raw really well and I somehow feel different when I put it on. The glow afterwards is simply what you need in the morning and in the evening. It is even good for my dry tips, just have a dry hair structure but it feels better with it and nobody knows me anymore haha
Nkosani-Diawete N
Great cream for the face! Very pleasant feeling ☺️
Chaima L
Only the shea raw comes on my skin, I love it! Thank you
Olivier L
Your skin became soft and supple
Almaz M
Can I only recommend it. Use it mainly on my face. My skin is glowing, nourished and cleaner. Top for atopic dermatitis !!!
Irine A
I am very satisfied ☺️
Vanessa K
Works great, does not burn and provides great moisture!
Evend A
Hey, these are my before and after pictures. It was 2 months apart and I can't even imagine using anything other than the black soap. I bought it a second time and my friends also started using this soap.
Sophia F
Great product, use the shea cream for it face and for my hands.
Yvonne P
For months I haven't used any other products except the Black Soap & Shea Raw in combination and I'm more than thrilled. My skin loves the products! I can only warmly recommend it.
Firdauss A.
I lieeeeeeeeebee you Shea RAW it is great, and melts really well with my skin, one of the best creams I have ever used, if not even the best cream. In addition, in the end she feels sooooooo good and really excited! I would be happy if there were perhaps bigger containers in the future, in any case I know that I will not use any other cream for my face care other than the Shea Raw.
Anya D
My skin feels great and the scent is so pleasantly subtle... Merci.
Jacqueline A
I'm very satisfied, takes care of my dry one and sensitive skin very good and it also smells very pleasant!
Patricia S.
I mainly use it for my face. At first I was afraid that it would get too greasy because otherwise I only use light moisturizers. But with the right dosage and if you give yourself time to massage in, the skin is really "nourished" and feels so comfortable! I also feel like my skin has fewer blemishes. So perfect for lip care. I no longer need extra lip balm sticks!
Kamalandua M.
The smell alone has inspired me: it smells so good. You don't have to use that much either, a small amount is completely sufficient, so that you can benefit from the product for a little longer. :)
Edna M
Everything you need and more
irina p
The butter makes my skin feel cleaner and better. No more redness and pimples.
Samira K
The Shear Raw is incredibly soft and feels great on the skin. I no longer have dry skin, a small amount is enough.
Annabel H
Elizabeth A
Super creamy, super soft, smells great, makes a nice glow and lasts a long time (only use it for my face and dry skin areas.)
Siye H
Simply the best all rounder. 1 product and I am completely taken care of from head to toe.
Nawaal S.
The best product ❤️ I can only recommend it to everyone. It made my skin so good. I had real acne... finally I found a product which really helps 100 percent
Prince K
The cream is great, it is very good for my skin!
Bianca Colette D
What would I do without the SHE [A] RAW? I don't know, because I can no longer imagine them without them. It is an integral part of my skin care routine and it must never, but never go out.
Rhoda S
I'm very satisfied! : D
Tim B.
Bombastic product
Andrew J
Dear Sir or Madam, I am very grateful for the cream and for the soap that cleaned my face very well. I used so much cream unfortunately it didn't help me any further ...
Chido N
Absolutely love this and love the scent too!. I'll share a picture and review later on on my Instagram @chidonya
Joyce A
Yasser E
I am super satisfied with the result, I got a better glow and the skin has become much cleaner
Moricette Vanelle S.
Good product! Really recommend
I love the product! As soon as my skin starts to get irritated, the cream is the perfect treatment for it. The skin feels smooth and much healthier. I can only recommend!
Nazret G
I've been using it for a year and I'm more than satisfied. My skin loves this cream.
Jennifer M.
Great product - for both hair and skin. A real miracle cure. We love it!
Charlotte M.
Find the She [a] raw great for the hair, on the face she didn't work well for me :)
Lilia L
I can't say that much yet, but my skin had changed. I've only been using it for a week, twice a day. What I don't like is this cream, it's just too greasy. Somehow it doesn't suit my skin. My skin is very oily afterwards and it's just uncomfortable. The soap is just like soap, but pleasant. The skin feels good, smooth and even. Would maybe even order it again. Thank you
Kisanet T
The shea butter is my favorite! I've been using the product for almost 2 years and I can't imagine my job without it! Also helps with my neurodermatitis! Thank you :)
Marcel O
just perfect
Alexandrine B
Highly recommended! I have switched completely to natural cosmetics. In the beginning I had difficulties because I also have an atopic dermatitis flare-up at the same time. But I stubbornly stuck to it. And now, about 1 month later, the skin is increasingly normalizing. Also highly recommended for afro hair. And the scent is fantastic.
Madeleine R
I can no longer imagine my life without the Shea RAW! Absolutely perfect!
Nelly N
So far so good. I love the product. II love how my skin feels like.
Meron T
Gave the Raw Shea Butter to my cousin and me for Christmas. The complexion is even and the natural glow is there. Highly recommended!
Kezia B
Love it!
Zhora P
Cream really smooth. Smells organic. I'm organic.
Sheikh Oumar G.
The product is great. My son had the main problem ... but everything is fine with him after a week. Thank you very much
Elizabeth S.
We use the cream on my son's body and hair. It pulls quickly making the skin supple and soft. In the case of the hair, we also use them to define the curls and to protect them from drying out. Recommended, also against the cold on hands and lips. Elisabeth❤️❤️❤️
Kezia B
I fell in love sooooo much!
Valentine D
Everything is fine. I can only recommend it.
Stefanie G
Unfortunately, I have no personal experience with Shea cream because I bought it as a gift, but it came from Presented very well. Thank you very much!
Menna M
I love it! The smell and texture are just great!
Angela B.
I purchased this product for my daughter's hair care. Well what can I say, with unrefined I have found a great companion that can be used on a natural basis and universally, as I can also use the product for skin care. Incidentally, the curl link is also a tremendous asset to us when it comes to hair care. Thank you for the great and high quality products
Denise G
So I ordered the SHE [A] RAW a few weeks ago and I am very satisfied. I bought the SHE [A] RAW primarily for my edges and my edges are happy again !! I am very happy with it and will order another one soon❤️.
Madeleine R
My skin sometimes has to struggle with the cold and other factors, but because of these cream kept getting better and better! I can only recommend the Shea RAW, especially in the cold season!
Jennifer E
It feels so great... I love it!
Kadijah K
I love it
Christelle M.
It smells so great and feels good and above all it is good for my skin
Miriam W
I have a severe form of neurodermatitis and I've finally found a cream that doesn't smell like a pharmacy. I am 100% satisfied and immediately gave the cream to a friend for Christmas and recommended it to others!
Mommy M
I love this product !! It just feels great on the skin and gives you that certain 'glow'. I can only recommend this product otherwise I have really problems finding a cream that I can use on my face and body without problems because I get a rash quite easily, but with the shea cream there were no problems and my skin just feels great.
Monica O
We are obsessed with @unrefinedriches She [A] Raw in this household. Skin soft like kitten paws. Smell = divine. Texture oh so rich. One of the best things in 2020.
Stella A
As always very satisfied and an indispensable part of my daily face routine. Thank you girl
Ramona H
Great for my little one who has extremely dry skin.
Jennifer A.
This cream is super great !!! I love it very much!!! The glow is superb!!!
Senait G
My skin is mostly dry and looks "pale", especially in winter. My skin shines with the shea butter. The best skin care so far!
Nathalie L.
I've been using the products for 6 months and I'm still excited
Akosiva G.
I've been using the cream for 6 months and I'm so excited and satisfied. The cream helped me very much because I had acne now my face has become much, much better I can only recommend the cream. Super super cream really super
Christiane G.
The only remedy that helps me with very dry skin on my legs in winter. Can be rubbed in very well, melts in the warm hand and smells pleasant, not too intrusive. Creates a matt shine on the skin. The only "shortcoming" for me is that it takes a long time to be absorbed - but that's okay for a natural product. I highly recommend it for dry skin!
Bridget T
Great cream, especially now for the cold season :)
Yoha M
The cream is awesome! I noticed years ago that my skin was suddenly getting too dry. I spent a lot of money on it, tried different products, but there was nothing that was tailored to my skin. I then just used "temporary" creams for the past 2 years. Tried Shea Raw this month and I knew it was perfect. No dry skin, not too greasy, productive, no intolerances or sudden pimples ♡ Thank you!
Armandine M
If I put on Shea Raw in the evening when I go to sleep, that's mine Skin the next morning beautiful, soft, rested and radiant. I can only recommend
Jeannette N
My face cream for almost a year! Never want to let anyone else on my face again. Just great!
Olivia B
Great cream and it smells good.
Emma R.
Good I use the shea cream for my 5 year old daughter. It's mixed, I'm German and my dad is from Nigeria. That's why she has curls. I think that my daughter's hair has become better as a result.
Rachel S
Thank you! Thank you very much dear Adelaide. I am very excited about the soap and the cream you developed. The products feel so good and just blend perfectly with my skin. I never have any skin problems. I always use mixed oils myself. But your cream and soap are the additions that my skin loves to feel even better, smoother and fresher. Thank you for realizing your heart project, for following your intuition and doing what you love. That's exactly right. And thank you for letting us be part of it. Much love from Mainz, Your sister Rahel