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description: Our waterproof UR Facial Cleansing Brush optimizes your daily cleansing routine with the help of three cleaning zones made of real medical silicone nubs and innovative sonic vibration and cleans your face quickly, gently and pore-deep.

Our face brush is suitable for all skin types.

Application: Moisten your face with water. Then apply your cleansing soap or cleansing gel to your face. Then use your UR Facial Cleansing Brush. Set a vibration level that is comfortable for you and apply the brush with circular movements on your face.

"Cleansing is the first and most important step in every skin care routine. Unfortunately, we often do not take a full minute to thoroughly massage our cleansing soaps or gels into our face in order to activate active ingredients and remove dirt and excess sebum.

This brush enables you to cleanse your face gently, thoroughly and quickly every day. "

- Adelaide W

Ideal silicone nub length

Thanks to the ideal silicone nub length and thickness, your pores are thoroughly and gently cleaned.

15 different power levels and innovative sonic vibration

Every skin is individual. That's why you can set your comfort level with our UR Facial Cleansing Brush. In addition, your blood circulation and collagen production are stimulated and subsequent care products can be better absorbed.

120 uses per full charge

With our brush there is no need to buy additional batteries. Thanks to the integrated high-performance rechargeable battery, a full charge is only necessary once a month.