Spring cleaning in the beauty closet - properly mucking out cosmetics and care products


First of all, you have to collect all the products, no matter where they are. It's best not only to look in the bathroom, but also in handbags, in the car or anywhere else you might have stored make-up, creams and the like. Take some time and group the cosmetics into categories: powder & foundation, lipsticks, skin creams, perfume, nail polish, etc. They all have different shelf lives. Before we get to that, however, there are two much more important questions:

  1. What other stuff do you even need?
  2. Are there perhaps a few things that you no longer like or that don't look particularly good on you?

Then away with it! Around a third of the products end up in the garbage for most of them by then.


note the expiry date
Once the first mucking out is done, it's time for a more precise check. This is how long the different products last on average:

Eyeliner & Kajal

3-6 months

Foundation liquid

6-12 months

face creams

1-2 years

lip gloss, lipstick

2-3 years


3-6 months

nail polish

2-3 years


2-3 years


2-3 years


12 months

The average shelf life of beauty products also depends on what you do. It is important, for example, to wipe off lipstick after application, to protect perfume from the sun and heat, to wash your hands before reaching into the cream jar and to clean brushes for powder and foundation regularly.


Fewer products, better storage
Most of us will realize when we look at our care and cosmetic products that there are a lot of them and that we could probably get by with less. We therefore recommend buying fewer products in the future and paying attention to high quality. Ingredients that are as natural as possible, no animal testing and, above all, products that are suitable for the type and requirements of the skin pay off. If they are stored properly, you will enjoy them for a long time. Above all, those products that you like to use will usually be used up before their expiry date - so in the future you will save yourself the further cleaning out.

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