Retinol beauty booster

Small amount - big power
Science understands the term 'vitamin A' to be a group of fat-soluble compounds with a similar chemical structure and comparable effects on the human body. One of these substances is retinol, which shows typical 'vitamin A effects' even in the lowest dose. 

As grandmother already knew, our eyes depend on an adequate supply of vitamin A. It is no coincidence that there is a relationship between retina and retinol! What many do not know: Retinol has immense potential in terms of skincare! Vitamin A protects our tissue from attacking germs and environmental pollution. It works closely with the growth hormone, which regenerates our cells overnight. These repair features make retinol the perfect ingredient for care and beauty products.

Sera with retinol (e.g. HYPER G [L] O Renewing Night Serum) counteract the premature aging process. Contrary to popular belief, skin aging does not start with the menopause, but rather in the 20s. The active ingredient strengthens the natural skin barrier, slows down the breakdown of collagen and stimulates the formation of elastic fibers. The super substance also helps with acne, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.
Vitamin A as a beauty turbo: Stressed, aged skin becomes cleaner, thicker, smoother and firmer. Small wrinkles and spots disappear.

Retinol treatments - does a lot really help a lot?
The GD Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie eV cites several scientific studies in a guideline from 2017, which underpin the positive effects of vitamin A with regard to anti-aging and skin care. However, the experts point out that the concentration of active ingredients must match the actual needs of the skin. In unfavorable cases, overdosing can lead to an undesirable reversal of the effect.

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