The Curl Glider - Unrefined Riches
The Curl Glider - Unrefined Riches
The Curl Glider - Unrefined Riches
The Curl Glider - Unrefined Riches
Unrefined riches

The Curl Glider

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Description: Make your washday a pleasure with the Curl Glider. Thanks to eight flexible combs, knots are gently untangled and not torn out of your hair. This way, healthy strands are not damaged.

The gentle but quick detangling with the Curl Glider counteracts premature hair loss through manipulation, while your usual combing time is reduced by more than half.


  1. Wet very curly hair (type 3a-4c) before use. If necessary, add conditioner for more slip during application.
  2. Divide your hair into four sections
  3. Hold the Curl Glider in a vertical or horizontal position. Start detangling with the Curl Glider at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the hairline.

Launched May 27, 2020 (Pre-Order Launch)

“Right from the start, my goal with Unrefined Riches was to give every skin and hair type the opportunity to receive unrestricted care.

Especially for the dark skin type, as well as curly and kinky hair types, there are hardly any products on the German market that meet their needs. This makes the path to self-acceptance extremely difficult.

With one product after the other, I want to be able to awaken the self-confidence of everyone and enable unrestricted care regardless of ethnicity and the resulting external characteristics. "

- Adelaide Wolters

"The brush is great !!"


"The Curl Glider supports the hair care routine enormously by gently detangling the hair and not tearing any knots out of the hair (...) The brush is great!"