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Duftkerzen - Unrefined Riches
Duftkerzen - Unrefined Riches
Duftkerzen - Unrefined Riches
Unrefined riches

Scented Candles

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Do you want to create the perfect oasis of well-being at home? Then ours may Affirmation Candles don't miss!
The different scents of the candles are intense but not unpleasantly obtrusive.
They consist of pure soy wax* and selected fragrances and have a capacity of 300 ml.
Wick: wooden wick

*from sustainable cultivation

Literally show your loved ones how much you burn for them with our "I burn for you" scented candle.
If love is a celebration, you'll love the scent of champagne paired with tempting berries and black cherries.

Smell me and you'll feel like biting into a delicious rhubarb peach cake with a hint of vanilla. And how do you feel after such a reward? Grateful and happy!
That's exactly what this scented candle should remind you of, because you won't believe the positive impact a grateful attitude can have on your life!