The perfect fragrance - which perfume fits when?

Ancient cosmetics
Perfume is by no means a newfangled invention. Even the ancient Egyptians burned oils and used these fragrances for a wide variety of rituals. Using different scents depending on the occasion was already common practice back then. Perfume as a beauty product for everyone was available from the 19th century and has since developed into a huge market. Several dilution classes are differentiated. Depending on the concentration of the fragrances, you can choose between eau de cologne (3-5% fragrances), eau de toilette (6-9% fragrances) and eau de parfum (10-14% fragrances). The higher the concentration of the fragrance, the more intense the smell, the slower the fragrance dissipates on the skin and the higher the price.

fragrance families
Today there are officially nine fragrance categories. However, some of them are somewhat unclearly defined and blur with others. However, most perfumes available in specialist shops can be assigned to the seven most important categories. We will explain to you which of these are best suited to which occasion.

  • flower meadow

Floral fragrance notes are the most popular on the market. They are youthfully light, sweet and like a hint of a meadow of flowers in the air. Provided that they are not applied too thickly, floral scents are suitable for every occasion.

  • natural

Like freshly cut grass or tea tree oil, these scents are natural and significantly less sweet than floral notes. Perfumes of this type are particularly good on summer days outdoors. In a way, you become one with nature.

  • wood and smoke

Masculinity is attributed to woody perfumes with notes of pine and tobacco, although there are also woody women's fragrances. They are heavy and intense. They are heavy and intense and are the perfect companions on cool autumn or winter days. At dinner, however, a woody perfume is suboptimal, because then you can lose your appetite.   

  • spice mix

A touch of cinnamon or nutmeg on the skin has a warming effect and literally calls for hot chocolate in front of the open fireplace on a cold winter's day. If spicy scents are very intense, they should not be worn when eating, like smoky ones.

  • The sound of the sea

Light salt, sand and sea nuances bring back holiday memories and are therefore always appropriate. A slight smell of the South Seas can boost your mood in the office.

  • fruit punch

Delicious citrus notes are fruity, sweet and give the necessary kick of freshness when tiredness takes over. They always fit, but are particularly suitable for casual clothing and fun leisure activities.

  • Fresh wind

Like a breeze full of cotton and soap aromas, these perfumes are very loose and natural and therefore always a good choice.

We recommend: just sniff through the perfumery and experiment with new nuances. With the gigantic selection of fragrances, there is something for everyone!

Knowing how – apply perfume correctly
In order for the perfume to develop its full fragrance power, you should follow a few basic rules.

  1. Rubbing in perfume is not ideal. It's better if you spray it in the air and stand under it. Or you can apply small splashes to the pulse points, i.e. on the wrist, neck or thigh. If you have sensitive skin, you can also spray the perfume on your clothes. The following applies here: less is more.
  2. Perfume works best when you apply it after showering and moisturize the skin beforehand.
  3. Many women spray perfume into their mane. However, this can dry out your hair quickly. We recommend spraying the perfume onto the brush instead. It is then evenly distributed in the hair when brushing.

There are now also vegan fragrance formulas and many manufacturers who focus on sustainability. Even environmentally conscious ladies and animal rights activists no longer have to do without perfume - we like!

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