Sugar-sweet beauty trend This year is all about Glazed Skin


Shine like a donut
Model Hailey Bieber has done it and millions upon millions are doing the same - the Glazed Skin Look is one of the biggest beauty trends of the year. But what exactly does that mean? Glaze means glaze and in this case refers to the layer of sugar that is often used to coat donuts. The skin should therefore radiate and shine like a fresh donut with sugar icing. The aim is to use care products in such a way that the complexion always looks freshly creamed. The skin should shine as if it had just been given an extra portion of moisturizing gel that has not yet been absorbed.

According to Bieber, the matte look is a thing of the past. In 2022 shine and radiance are the order of the day, so that you can almost see yourself reflected in your cheeks.

More is more
On her Instagram channel, Bieber explains that the Glazed Skin Look not only depends on the quality of the products, but also on the quantity. Gone are the days of applying a thin layer of cream to your face before going to bed. In order to let the complexion really shine, you need rich moisturizing care - preferably a combination of facial oil and cream. To save time, products such as CUPU RAW and SHEA RAW are particularly recommended, because they combine the two elements and are a face oil and cream in one and are suitable for all skin types.

More is more - that's the motto of the Glazed Skin Look. For the very special radiance of the skin, it can also be a bit more - more good ingredients and more care. According to Hailey Bieber, the key to a Glazed complexion is layering. Only those who shine like a glazed donut in the evening will still shine the next morning.

Step by Step
If you believe Bieber's Instagram pictures, the Glazed Skin Look can be perfected very easily and in just a few days. It is important that you take four concrete steps every evening:

    Thorough cleansing is the be-all and end-all for a radiant complexion. First, make-up and dirt must be completely removed. Depending on your skin type (combination skin, dry or oily skin), we recommend using the right cleansing products.
  1. deep cleansing
    Step 2 is the deep cleaning. A light peeling or a clarifying mask ensure that your skin is clean down to the pores and ideally prepares it for the subsequent care.
  1. moisturizer
    Now it's time for maintenance. Apply a generous amount of intensive moisturizer and massage in well.
  1. Even more care
    Allow the first layer to soak in for a few minutes, then apply a second layer of moisturizer. Your skin should be quite shiny and look like it's moist.
  1. beauty sleep
    Off to bed and treat your skin to relaxation. Repeat daily.

The Glazed Skin Look is ready. We are curious about your results. Try it out and tag us on Instagram.

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