Apply now for our test phases!

At Unrefined Riches, we don't just want to launch products. We want to enrich the cosmetics market with effective products suitable for all skin types, skin colors and hair textures.
For this reason, we rely on test phases in which we put the formulations through their paces together. The products are only finalized and launched with your Go!


In the first step, you apply for one of our test phases using the following buttons.  


In the next step, we select the testers for our next test phase from the numerous applications.


If you are one of the selected testers, we will contact you and discuss all further steps with you.

PRE-LAUNCH test phase

When applying for new product developments, it is about products that have not yet been launched.

POST-LAUNCH test phase

When applying to test existing products, we select the right products from our shop for your skin, which you can test free of charge to improve certain skin problems.

We will accompany you for 4 weeks!